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‘Glyn, your ability to discern my family’s feelings and needs was beautiful to watch. The mediation was very special to all of us, thank you for guiding and supporting us through it with such intuition and grace’.
James – Family Mediation

‘Thank you for your assistance Glyn. I now look to approach situations at work with more patience and clarity of the information and my thoughts which allows me to deal with the situation in a calm and respectful way. This respect is for myself and the other people or person in the situation.
Dean -Private Client

‘Just a very brief email to acknowledge your wonderful feedback, I was buoyed to read it.
The hardest thing for me with my partner is finding ways to engage him in the talking process without him also putting up his defenses. He is very fond of saying ‘I hate talking!’ though since I have been working with you he is more interested in trying’.
Monica- Private client

“I just wanted to say thanks for sharing NVC with me. I have used it many times and I can truly say it has made a difference”.
MWC College participant

“Glyn has a mind that was quick to grasp my meaning, even when it all sounded blurry to me, and a heart that reached out, understood, and held mine warmly and with the right amount of humour. I felt heard and understood. I came away with some life changing tools to carry on with. Tools that even in the heat of a tense moment I still remember. What a difference that can make to communicating with my teenagers!”
Anne -Private coaching

“The sessions with Glyn were fantastic. I was moved and guided by her intuitive and very real responses. The first session felt life changing … and I mean this from my heart. She helped me unearth my deep longing for harmony in relationships and guided me with manageable steps to start to make this happen”!
Anna Robinson

“I appreciate your understanding, support and advice, our NVC sessions have helped me both personally and how I respond to my ex-partner. You’ve made a huge difference and I can’t tell you how much its meant to me. Thank you Glyn, you’re amazing, you really do have a talent for this and I’ve had a lot of experience with therapists”!
Michelle -Private coaching

“Nonviolent Communication is instrumental in creating an extraordinary quality of life. This compassionate and inspiring message cuts right to the heart of successful communication.”
– Anthony Robbins, author, Awaken the Giant Within and Unlimited Power