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Stress Systems And Victim Behaviour 4/4/16

By In Uncategorized On April 4, 2016

I’m a numbers girl so I love the date for today and was compelled to find something to share.

The first two stages…
Bullying is also a pet topic of mine. I dont like the words Bully and Victim although it seems that this is the language most would use so I use it here reluctantly and to meet needs for ease of comprehension and mutual understanding.

Shortly after the victimisation begins, the victim will experience anxiety symptoms. For example, the bullied school child or the victimised worker may have difficulty getting off to sleep, may appear jumpy, unable to relax, and complain of the many body symptoms which accompany anxiety.
As the victim tries to cope in spite of harassment, second stage stress symptoms will appear, manifesting themselves as a tendency to lose emotional control and a profound loss of motivation. The bullied school child may appear irritable and lazy. The victimised adult may not want to go to work, and perhaps on arriving home from works shouts at the family or the dog.

Once we understand the behaviours operating in stress breakdown, it becomes much easier to understand the behaviours of victimised people.

I am quite familiar with these two stages as I have seen friends and family go through these symptoms and stages. I have reacted in similar ways when I tell myself my own autonomy is affected by someone else’s actions or when I see someone react in a way that seems out of character or ‘over the top’ and I then think someone is only caring about themselves and getting what they want immediately. The talk to the hand thingy. When of course they/me are reacting out of fear and being overwhelmed.
If you have been through anything like this I would really appreciate your comments and sharing could really help me understand more about this thing that follows us from the school yard to the boardroom. More importantly I would like to hear how it is for you.

Excerpt in part from Bullying-Backyard to Boardroom

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