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Supported Conversations

Do you and your partner clash over money?


Would you like to be able to meet your partner half way and get both your needs met without the arguments?

If staying clear and calm is important to you, a supported conversation is for you.


In a supported conversation we will uncover:
* The real needs that lie underneath the ‘symptom’ of money conflict
* How to get everyone’s needs met

* How to turn the conflict into a source of connection and understanding

Break the silence – argument cycle and create a new outcome with the tools of Nonviolent Communication.

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The training and experience I have with Compassionate Communication style of Mediation fits within the mode of Trans-formative Mediation where there is no pressure to come up with solutions. Space is provided for them to surface naturally as connection and mutual understanding is created.

Often when we talk with each other about things that are important and sometimes painful, it seems like we can do it on our own and it should be simple, although, without skills, we rarely have the experience of feeling fully heard or understood. To have the experience of feeling sufficiently heard and understood is one of the most important contributing factors to clear and respectful communication and does not require us to agree with each other.


Incorporated in our time together with this special offer is learning to effectively communicate on an interpersonal level, that time in between each supported conversation.


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