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Restore Self-Belief

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Restore Self-Belief and Trust


Get your bounce back

Discover a Body-Mind Health Language that will give you your bounce back:

  • Practical steps
  • Easy to learn
  • Life-changing results

…or stay where you are

 What’s it costing you?  Had enough?

Are these conversation patterns costing you your friendships?        

Or your money, time, energy, health, promotion, freedom and creativity?


Have you ever seen otherwise intelligent, savvy professionals self-destruct because of the dismissive way their managers or family members have treated them?

Knowing what to say and when to say it will transform relationships, giving you a ease in every interaction. 


Would you enjoy more harmony with common ground and understanding?

 Conflict   Even tough guys tumble

What’s it costing you to avoid those conversations? 

Relationships with your kids no matter what age they are, is important?


What’s it costing you to have the same conversations, the same arguments and keep going in circles?

Resolution can seem impossible.



Improve your communication now. Get started with a framework with practical tools  and enjoy emotional support along the way.


  • 2 Private 1 on 1 Calls 
  • Online Working Group Call 
  • 4 Self Exploration Exercises
  • Facebook Page –  private group for questions and support in between calls and after the program
  • Unlimited emails, texts and clarification calls
  • Pre-Diamond Challenges and Intention Setting
  • Post Diamond Insights, Learning and Intentions 




Supporting you in relationship with yourself and with others

Trust. Agreeing on contract. Meeting. Working Together

Did you know, a single word has the power to regulate physical and emotional fitness?

I would love you to join me


Learn A Language of Trust


Start developing clear boundaries and having the top of mind tools to start asking questions at those staff appraisal meetings or when you want to stand up for what you believe, to assert yourself and disagree respectfully if necessary.
Learn to speak up when criticised or doubted without being intimidated or overly defensive. You CAN disagree respectfully and have the conversation turn around to one of connection and mutual respect.


Introduction Recorded Webinar click below to listen to Glyn with more information



Bookings 6 week program

Six weeks duration/2-3 hours a week investment of time


Warm wishes




With effective communication skills we will no longer feel the need to avoid or suppress conflict, but can manage and learn from it – making it possible to correct what led to the problem in the first place, prevent future conflicts, and discover how to improve our overall ability to resolve disputes.
What if you could create even better relationships with the people you were in conflict with than you had before the conflict? Do you think it’s possible? I know it is.


Did you know, you can start breaking patterns of thinking that lead to arguments, anger and depression and develop relationships based on respect, cooperation and trust; immediately?


Two of the most critical leadership skills are truth-telling and genuineness.  If we look at someone and they are anxious, the brain decides to see “untrustworthy”. Therefore being relaxed in our difficult conversations is imperative.

We will cover this in the first session and encompass it in our everyday practice.

Improve your communication now

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