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We offer workshops, private coaching, mediation/supported conversations and restorative circles to encourage understanding of ourselves and others. Resolving disputes in ways that foster improved communication, cooperation and trust in the moment and when dealing with future issues; creating a win-win. Some of the benefits are deep, long lasting relationships at work and at home, avoiding costly litigation and high staff turnover. These tools help you resolve conflict in schools, businesses, healthcare centers and prisons, and with interpersonal relationships between families, couples, friends and work colleagues.

The model is practical and focuses on honesty and empathy enabling communication with power and integrity, improving both results and relationships through effective communication and collaboration.

What we can do to produce results
In order to get good at finding mutually satisfying solutions, it is important to develop a consciousness and a language for expressing needs.
If I only express the behaviour change I want to see in the future, it may look like I am locked into only one way of getting that need met. This can easily trigger the other persons fear of being taken advantage of, which leads to power struggles.

By using this powerful and simple 4 step model of
1. expressing an Observation without evaluating,
2. following with a feeling,
3. a universal need,
4. then a request, we are more likely to find settlements that all parties feel good about and will stand the test of time


Email for the first chapter of Marshall Rosenberg’s book

1n 1984,Marshall Rosenberg Ph.D founded the Centre for Nonviolent Communication and training in NVC is offered on five continents and 250,000 people learn the technique each year.

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