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Diamond Keystone – REGRET

Diamond Keystone – REGRET

By In Uncategorized On January 10, 2017

You probably know how to say sorry,

here’s a way better apology.

Our needs, similar and universal, are at the core of all human behaviour. Positive experiences are easy to handle. It’s negative experiences that we all, by definition, struggle with. Therefore, what we get out of a healthy state of mind relies on our …..

daily physical and emotional state of health and of course, from our everyday habits. Our daily habits are directly responsible for our physical and emotional health.

Great relationships and physical health don’t come quickly. We are kidding ourselves if we think we should love ourselves just the way we are if we are unhealthy or alone. If we are 40 kg overweight or speak aggressively, that would be called justifying or rationalising, albeit for a good reason; to save face.
What are you sacrificing in order to be right?  Family Christmases?  Time with your children, stuck in a job you hate?

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I agree self-acceptance is KEY, AND the good hard look in the mirror from time to time is also KEY. Nothing gets us to look at this current mirror, otherwise known as ourselves, more than a conflict. The conflict can be inside our head, like an important decision (do I go or not) or with another person (do I quit or continue).
I think I can safely say, we all want to get to those good feelings and not have other people, or their comments that we don’t like, occupy our heads for more than a few moments.
Our bodies, our businesses and our relationships are the three big ones where we want freedom, ease, success and to live in an uplifted state more often.
The courage to feel the feelings of regret gives us more empathy. We start to understand what it’s like for others when we take a minute to reflect on our regrets. Regrets can be a measure of how far we’ve come; recognising you are not the same person today as yesterday.

If we measure our weight or body fat, instantly we know whether we have gained or lost. The emotional benchmarks are harder to detect. They affect our bodies in more subtle ways to start with as with stress, getting headaches then craving simple carbs like pasta. If we don’t check in with ourselves, after only six weeks, we can gain 2 kg. If we take away the carbs suddenly it can affect our mood.

When we haven’t had a conflict in ages, we could say that we are becoming more compassionate although conflicts are not always a conscious choice. We don’t make that choice unilaterally. We would like it to be so. As nice as we are, we will still have conflicts because we value something and some things that are important to us we can’t be quiet about or another person has a different value or when someone has the same value and chooses a strategy we don’t agree with. When we are quiet about it and don’t speak up and are aware of that decision to do nothing, this can also produce regret. Forgiving ourselves first before saying sorry is the first step. In order to forgive we need to hear the needs behind our actions.
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I’m starting to like regret as a measuring tool for growth and learning.

How to move on from regret- Gain clarity and energy watch the video here

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