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Creating New Habits

Creating New Habits

By In Uncategorized On March 3, 2017


Creating New Habits 

Start with the outcomeChange Behaviour

What’s the big vision or value?

i.e. I don’t want to be fat or I want to lose 5kg.

Oh no you don’t! Rephrase this straight away.


Your brain doesn’t like sentences that start with don’t or things that you’ve tried before and failed or things that are not inspiring.

Lets try again….

I have been given the body of a goddess, how will I feel in that red silky number, or I have been given rock hard abs what amazing feelings will I experience?

You want your goal to have a motivational impact on you. Have the feeling of awesomeness right now!



Small and simple- Is the new habit small and simple?

Attached – Is it attached to another, already established habit (like I take a shower and then visualise myself doing X.

Repetition – Is it repeated consistently over time and measured.

Accountability – Support and accountability from the planning through to the maintenance process.

Hugs – Practice self-compassion along the way.



Be specific so you can measure your progress- by September I will be 65kg, Body fat of X etc. Always walk toward something.

Also, if you haven’t started with an important value you want to live by, you can imagine the feelings when you arrive at this new goal and then enquire what need this might meet. In this case it might be empowerment.

Armed with an intrinsic motivation you are already ahead of the game.


What’s it going to take

some examples:

  • Gym x 5 a week close to home/work.
  • Get a big picture of the red dress put it somewhere you can see it as soon as you get up and just before bed.
  • Get a PT.
  • Have 1 glass of wine instead of 3.
  • Eat healthy meals. Limit sugar.
  • Walk at lunch and after dinner every day.


What’s the first steps for the first week.


  • Look up Gym rates nearby/PT offers
  • Write a list of all the healthy foods I know of
  • Look up more healthy foods and recipes
  • Get picture of red dress


What’s the first step in the first day of the first week

Some examples:

  • Walk the long way around each morning, taking the scenic route where the coffee shop only sells food you hate.
  • Book on website for gym classes or PT at a gym that is super duper convenient.
  • Every morning when I get up I imagine myself in the dress and I can hear tons of applause.


Build up gradually and celebrate each success and remember your brain doesn’t like new things it wants to stay in old habits. Repeat your outcome frequently especially just before you sleep and as soon as you wake.


Warm wishes


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