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Instant Reset After An Argument

Instant Reset After An Argument

By In Uncategorized On February 19, 2019

An instant reset after an argument

You’ve just had an argument with your significant other and you want to smooth things over.
Why not get a little help from your fragrance friends.

I spray this Bush Flower Essence onto the back of my hand and mist it over my face. Nothing changes my mood faster than this fragrance-
it has pink flannel flower, she oak, lavender, geranium and bergamot in for starters and it soothes me, elevates my mood and gives me an instant reset.

Don’t leave me yet guys, there is something here for everyone. 

The Limbic system hones in on emotions, memories and arousal (stimulation). It’s basically a set of structures in the brain that deal with emotions and memory. It regulates autonomic (unconscious reactions in the nervous system) or endocrine function (relating to or denoting glands which secrete hormones or other products directly into the blood).
in response to emotional stimuli and is also involved in reinforcing behaviour. Right here is where we need a pattern interrupter one we can rely on in the moment.
This little system which we have at our beck and call, can works wonders and is so underutilized IMHO for conjuring up those amazing memories and to have as a pattern interrupter.
A pattern interrupter can be your secret sauce to recovering from anger, mistrust or any time you are behaving in a way that you won’t like tomorrow (or right now).

Know what fragrance you like and spray away….
Then go talk 
remember to keep it brief 
and remember to wait for a reply too.

Some Bush Flower Essence suggestions for the guys:
Red Helmet Orchid – for that connection to either father/son/authority figure. 
Bush Gardenia – to allow for communication to occur; to not just repeat the same set of behaviours we need to be able to express them, whether it is talking about them or writing them all in a journal. Please ask me for how to journal for progress. 
Flannel Flower – for healthy boundaries, intimacy and being able to talk about feelings
Sturt Desert Pea – for letting go of past hurts and releasing the grief in a positive way
Mountain Devil – for respectfulness in relationships.
Kangaroo Paw – for consideration towards others 
Tall Yellow Top – for being part of the community and valued
Wisteria – for respect in intimate relationship

BTW They make great gifts

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lots of love
Have you always thought of journaling as a bit useless, something only girls do?
Have you ever wondered what type of process you can do that’s as good as having a counsellor?  A process that you can have with you anytime you want a resolve or make an important decision?.
I use a 4 step process to get me through most decisions and emotional turmoil.
Journaling will get it out of your head so you can feel relief and stop going over and over the same words with no result and no sleep.

Come and grab my 1 on 1 session where I will guide you through a process tailored for your unique concern.
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If you have an unusual concern in a relationship at work or at home and you would like to find out if I can help you can book in a free chat CLICK here and scroll to Discovery Call.

Can’t help myself -click the pic or here to listen to the wonderful Jason DeRulo In My Head.

lots of love

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