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Want to be in Control? Silencing that Internal Dialogue

Want to be in Control? Silencing that Internal Dialogue

By In Uncategorized On August 22, 2017

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We have thoughts or do our thoughts have us?

Would you like to remain calm, clear and confident in that intense conversation?
Hell yeah!

The first thing to practice is taming the voice of judgement. Yours or someone else’s.

We have so many thoughts in a day, most, we are not aware of. That’s how those pesky limiting beliefs creep in and sabotage our hope and success in life.
Being aware of those thoughts need to be the first step.
The voice of judgement stifles our personal power and makes us react out of old habits, instead of responding from choice.

Hold the phone…

Remember the older style screen saver that gently roles onto the screen from the left and fades into the top right of the screen then starts all over again. Do the same with your thoughts.
Suspend them like the screensaver. Notice them. That’s it.

Perception and Inception

Seeing it differently starts with breaking habits.

First let the thought be, just a thought.
You could read this absorb it intellectually then get distracted…or you can do it right now so you can get the hang of it. Takes 60 seconds. Promise.

A similar process is practiced for relaxation to become aware of the muscles that ARE tense, so you know when its happening. So we are going to be aware of the thoughts so we know when they are happening and we can just notice them.

Here we go:
Sit in a chair, grab hold of the edges, then grab them tighter, now imagine there is no gravity, then grab tighter. Imagine other parts of your body floating without control in different directions, sort of out of control. But you have complete control on the tight grip on that chair. You and that chair are going to stay together, no matter what.
Now release the grip slowly and feel the chair underneath you. Your feet are on the floor, and you are noticing the thought of the chair. perhaps a sound, sensations in your fingers or a relaxed feeling.
Suspension starts when you release the hold on the chair or your thoughts.

Beware the fear

Fear can creep in as I think I am not in control if I am not actively working it out, or solving the problem.
I find this fear happens to me when I’m listening to my girls when they are upset.

Our muscles are like thoughts we hold on to them in the same way. Muscles tighten, headaches happen, thoughts tighten, conflict happens.

Our precious energy

When we no longer have our precious energy tied up in holding the muscles or the thoughts tightly, we can just watch them. Ok not for too long, someone will have us committed to a nice small safe room.

Also not having our energy tied up in the thoughts will create relaxation in our bodies and brains allowing for more space for creativity and for others.
Trust me on this one, I’m an overthinker.

Follow next week for part 2

Many Good Reasons We Don’t Break Habits and The value of the Vent. You will want to know this next bit. 

Lots of love

BTW you can do the chair exercise with all the muscles in your body for a deep relaxing ritual before sleep or if you wake up at 3am and need your rems. Getting more sleep is always worth it. xGlyn


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