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How to talk to anyone about anything, anytime

How to talk to anyone about anything, anytime

By In Uncategorized On December 20, 2018

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How to talk to anyone about anything, anytime 
There are many quotes about life’s special little moments and this time of year being so busy, we may miss some of these precious moments.

How do you stay present enough?
What’s presence anyway?
Present enough to notice the small things like the sunrise this morning or the smell of the few drops of rain yesterday. Or the look of worry on someone’s face as they head off to the Doctor’s appointment. It’s the stuff you want to notice; whatever that is for you.
Jeff Weiner, LinkedIn’s CEO recently identified employers’ most searched-for skill on LinkedIn.
It’s not marketing, sales, entrepreneurship or innovation, and it’s not tech anything. The number one search is for communication skills.
“Genuine communication requires real person to person connections and its never been more important for leaders and their teams to develop an authentic communication skill set”.

I would add, it’s never been more important for everyone worldwide to develop authenticity and a willingness to speak openly and listen with empathy.

How to Communicate about the simple things that make a lasting impact:
Speaking openly and listening with empathy requires awareness and a willingness to be vulnerable.
Vulnerability is not only saying the scarily honest stuff about how you just massively screwed up. Vulnerability is also saying the stuff you notice in an instant and then the moments gone like …”wow I really liked how you organised a whole Christmas lunch and included everyone’s dietary preferences, guess that took some effort”.
The moment can be brought back simply by saying “I know I didn’t say anything on the day and as I’m just now remembering the day/time, I want to tell you xyz”. You could make such a difference to someone’s Christmas by your vulnerability and awareness of moments.
Speaking vulnerably requires a willingness to self-connect and self-connection requires a willingness to be aware.
Awareness is like presence. Presence can bring peace of mind as its experienced in that moment only, a moment that may not be seen yet is certainly felt. I experience it as the space in between where there is nothing asked of me.

How do you describe presence?
Authentic communication requires courage. Courage first requires awareness.
Then we have all these qualities mastered we can listen with empathy.
Empathy is the combination of all those things above and a lot more. Empathy is the keystone of being in relationship with another and has the ability to calm the mind, connect with what’s important for yourself and others and help someone feel worthy or important even for a moment. It’s not a big investment of time when you know how to do it.

Another quote I remember which sometimes seems apt around this time of year and definitely lightens my state of mindis “my life is a series of awkward and humiliating moments separated by snacks” Bill Murray.
Then I could assume life takes courage.
It takes courage to be present for the first time because it means you need to be still and let something that may be unpleasant or scary actually sit right before your face.

A good friend of mine passed away recently and each time I am still, I get so teary. I could think
quick; distract myself! so I feel better instantly, only I would miss something important. As I sat still while writing this email, I would like to share what I would have missed.
Without a doubt I am missing him, without a doubt he made a great contribution to his family and the world of marketing. Without a doubt Christmas is when we think about those that are important to us. Without a doubt I will miss him for a long long long time. And without a doubt being present means I get to remember him, I get the space to just be with those emotions, I get to remember special times.  I know they are my emotions they are not every part of me and it’s the space in between where I can savour things important to me and things that shape me.

I wish you and everyone that’s important to you, a massively, safe, fun and connection filled Christmas.
Lots of love
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