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Do you stay quiet to keep the peace?

Do you stay quiet to keep the peace?

By In Uncategorized On February 4, 2019

Do you sometimes go along with things just to keep the peace?

I used to think if I said what was on my mind it would end up in a discussion that would eventually blow up in my face. It was better to keep quiet.

The more often this happened the more I started to feel a bit of resentment, not much at first. It soon became super exhausting and not fun.

I’m not a people pleaser! That’s weak. That’s embarrassing. I will never live a happy life. Others will notice and I will be thought of as never achieving my goals, a person who could be looked over for promotion or a date!

These are the stories I would tell myself which only served to lower my self-worth. I used to hope that saying yes to everything that I will be liked and accepted. This all started too long ago for me to remember every piece. Yet, as I write this, I am reminded of one important thing; before I realised I was not being treated as I wanted to be, I was already solving it and resigning myself to please the person who mistreated me in the hope for better treatment.

And so it begins. Habits. Patterns. Disciplines. And People pleasing is now a way of life.


Enter my personal development life.

Before you speak. I find the most simple way of getting on the same page is to stay curious. Imagine you are talking to the person you most respect on the planet. Then come from this place when you speak.

After learning several processes, I was able to turn this around. Staying curious is one of my favourites as it doesn’t take any special magic powers or a 4 year degree to get you progress and feel at ease in your body. You may feel a tad excited that one convo in many had actually gone smoothly.

My learning is continuous. There are so many research papers on the mind being released each year. It’s fascinating to me. The one process that stand the test of time and doesn’t require you go back into the past with hours of tears is the Compassionate Communication process. It’s a way of being in the world so it comes naturally more often after using the basics.

I combine this with mindset and manifesting techniques that get you across the line with a new discipline you would like to adopt or with communicating with a significant other at work or home.

To see if I can support you, book in for a discovery session. CLICK here. Choose the Discovery Session option. This is 15 minutes together where I can give you a couple of insights and you can decide if I have the goods to get you through.

Simple. Quick and available most days of the week. If you can’t find a time that suits this week, call me and I can re jigger some things and start supporting you.

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I can also recommend colleagues in the health and wellness areas that I have known for ages if you need something slightly different to my expertise or when moving on to the next stage of you growing into more power internally.

 Lots of love


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  • Jane 8 MONTHS AGO

    Respect is huge. If your message comes with that then the tone will be so much better. Thanks for this it will be helpful for a talk I have to have today. ja

    • admin 8 MONTHS AGO

      Yes I agree respect is something that can seem elusive around family sometimes, I'm so pleased it will be helpful to you directly, Thank you for your comment Jane


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