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Daily Self Care- Put yourself first by knowing your values

Daily Self Care- Put yourself first by knowing your values

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Daily Self Care- Put yourself first by knowing your values

Your mind is a muscle.

Relationships are tricky. The relationship you have with yourself needs to come first as it constantly  shows you the things that are important to you and those things, which we call values, shows others how you would like to be treated.

Why do you think you meet someone just when you are settled and content? It’s because you are ok with you and can therefore attract that love you feel for yourself.

If you stifle your expressive side or your dissatisfied side it will build up inside. Journaling helps with this.

Find ways to speak your truth with care, to be courageous with difficult messages and let your emotions out in ways that communicate and connect. If your “ranty pants” are allowed to free reign doing it this way could get in the way and stop you from being heard by the people that matter to you.

For the avoidance of doubt- Ahhhh just taken back in time with a memory of my ex husband, who used to put those words on all the emails he sent regarding the children’s visits with him. Big eye roll.

I chuckle about it now, but at the time, he did fancy himself as a lawyer and it seemed quite a formal thing to say to someone you had trusted for 17 years. Plus trust was never addressed it only seemed important to address the clarity of his message to me.

Anyway as I was saying, for the avoidance of doubt, I want to let you know that my voice in my head is the loudest voice I ever hear.

It’s the most influential and relentless too.

I’m surprised others can’t hear it!

This morning I was going off to a networking event and opened the garage to a flat tyre.

I had the sort of morning planned where I was running in to one thing, hopping on the virtual  skateboard and sliding into the next appointment with seconds to spare.

So no time for a flat.

Is there ever time for a flat?

I’ll get the answer for that…


So IT started; my head talk, my monkey mind as it’s known.
Your mind can really mess with you. Words were starting, like, I should know how to do this tyre changing thing, I’m such a girl, I’m so tired I didn’t sleep very well the previous night. And I really wanted to go the appointment which was a networking event, I was hoping to meet new people.

As soon as I noticed what my mind was doing, I said STOP. Now what is the flip side of all this?

The flip side, an opposite message could be ( and was) While I was waiting I did prepare some things, like move the car to a spot that the NRMA guy could manoeuvre around, open the boot, check the spare, and I even looked at the jack. The NRMA guys equipment was far superior to mine. Letting them do it was clearly the better decision.

The NRMA (NSW Australia’s road service membership for car callouts) guy said I did a great job of preparing the car and making it smoother and easier for him to get in and work his magic. The NRMA are pretty smooth when it comes to making you feel better.

I had time to realise I was ahead of time for my second appointment!

Which brings me to my point of this blog

My head talk is like my muscles in my body, if I don’t work out for 6 weeks, guess what happens?

That’s it! Yep weak muscles, flat shape, no definition…..pretty sure you get this and perhaps have experienced it or are experiencing it.

The one thing designed to give you relief

So my head talk gets a talking to via journaling. I know every man and his dog is journaling these days. I would like to introduce you to a style of journaling that is designed to move you a step forward and provide relief as soon as its complete. I could have said move a giant leap forward only now with our disconnected society and growing anxiety, one small step forward is how I like to take every day.

Journal the yucky thoughts YES

Then follow with what you would like and watch what happens.

You need to be the detective and check for evidence. Don’t just cruise on into the next task.

I can take you through this process today and I’m offering a 30 minute laser coaching sesh to do just that at $59. Go to Laser Coaching Session 30 minutes. You can CLICK here to book it.

Using compassionate communication’s 4 step process is designed to strengthening the emotional muscles of the mind and immediately get reassurance.  

I’m not as keen on the word motivation I rather like inspiration it has a welcoming sense to it rather than a pushing or pulling sense. Inspiration comes from inside.

This style of journaling helps me move my blocks and build more inspirational muscles.

This is my DIY solution to mindset and reset.

Send me an email if you have questions. glyn@keystoneskills.com.au

Or just call M: 0406 930 699. I’m always happy to answer your questions.

With Love Glyn

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