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Interrupting Gracefully

Interrupting Gracefully

By In Uncategorized On September 30, 2016


Diamond in the Rough

Ahhhh Building Relationships!

How many times do I hear that in a week?


I am tired of hearing general words like build rapport, listen actively….I also want to shine a light on Not Listening To One More Word Than You Want To.


The other communication skill and art of Interrupting. 

Guessing we know words can change the brain and give us motivation and positive thinking. This in turn can have an effect on others and how they react to us… NOT ALWAYS though.

How do you influence another person with your words? Either to go deeper I’m fascinated or Oh Lord we have done this, please stop?

How do you smooth things over a bit to continue a tricky interaction? Or start one?

When there are two people in the equation the task is not ONLY how well you talk to yourself and boost motivation in your own head, it becomes about message sent; message received. And checking if this is so.

Time consuming you think?

As I see it, this saves time and creates trust and cooperation. We love these two qualities it tells us we are special and we matter…. just like falling backwards into a baby pink, snuggly warm, soft beanbag that catches us gently in special kind of way.

I haven’t had a person ignore my attempts yet,

Not saying it won’t happen, just saying I am surprised each time of how well this works.

Sometimes I think working the head chatter is great only it’s taking full responsibility too. That can be a big load.

Share the load. I have 2 words to spread- In caps so it stands out I am not meaning to yell this at you…


And this is one way to start safely and quickly with low risk.


Warm wishes



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