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Appreciation is one. Do you know we receive 5 times as many negative messages in one day then positive? That doesn’t count all the negative messages we give ourselves in our own head talk! When you give a compliment or[...]

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Hope you enjoy this article Warm wishes Glyn Posted August 19, 2014 in Career Management, by Justin Babet A few weeks back I wrote an article about how to deal with a micro-manager which seemed to hit a nerve with a few people who responded along[...]

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I have a dream! (of communicating with teenagers!)

Jul 12, 2014 I HAVE A DREAM! (OF COMMUNICATING WITH TEENAGERS!) Glyn Conlon Development, Parent, Parenting parent ponderings, parenting, positive parenting 0 Comments 10 1 communicating with teenagersI hear my daughter (18yold) crying. The kind of heart felt sobbing that[...]

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Blog Entry dated 19-May-14 4:23 PM

conflict transformation -conflict resolution-effective listening ‘My fear grows fat on the energy I feed it’   Scilla Elworthy.Watching this short TedX talk was inspiring, take a look here,or read more below   If you would like to know how to  bring[...]

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Are you bending over backwards for your job

IS YOUR LIFE CROWDED WITH DEMANDS?         ARE YOU ALWAYS BENDING OVER BACKWARDS FOR YOUR BOSS?      People who take time to just sit and day dream or have fun or workout on a daily basis are measurably more[...]

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Looking through more than one lense

This YouTube is an interesting take on vulnerability, if taught at school it could have prepared me for my corporate working life…and definitly for a girls high school! I was taught to put my mask on otherwise as *Chris Wink[...]

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Switching to Soothe

  Knowing how to soothe myself has been invaluable, exercise is one avenue, I am constantly in awe of how replenished I feel after exercise. I feel virtuous all day! Something I read recently about soothing saying its a skill[...]

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Preparation is key

My dinner for Sunday and Monday, I will add some chicken, beef, lamb or tofu depending on what i feel like, what ive had to eat during the day and what sort of exercise I have had[...]

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