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Lost in Translation

Ever felt frustrated because you have been misunderstood? Or when looking at the person speaking said to yourself where did THAT come from?   I just saw Bill Murray live in Sydney and was reminded of one of my favourite[...]

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4 foods to stop eating if you suffer with anxiety

4 Foods To Stop Eating If You Suffer With Anxiety Tofu and other Soy products People who eat a lot of soy think that it is good for them. Unfortunately, it also toys with hormonal balance. If you are looking for a[...]

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Empathy in Business

MAR 22, 2013 @ 01:40 PM 12,027  Empathy in Business: Indulgence or Invaluable? In a world where we tend to think of business in terms of the bottom line and financial metrics, a discussion of the role of empathy in business[...]

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Want to be in Control? Silencing that Internal Dialogue

  We have thoughts or do our thoughts have us? Would you like to remain calm, clear and confident in that intense conversation? Hell yeah! The first thing to practice is taming the voice of judgement. Yours or someone else’s. We[...]

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Never Wrestle with Pigs..

Never Wrestle with Pigs.. ..You both get dirty and the pig likes it.  George Bernard Shaw Bullying is everywhere. Playground. Boardroom. Bedroom. If you believe the saying “what you focus on grows”, then you can run your own program when[...]

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