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How to get cooperation from team members

Something you may not know about me is that I run another business for pet sitting where I look after pets of all kinds in the pet’s home. I get loads of hugs from the pets and appreciation from the[...]

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Making relationships work with busy schedules- it’s not what you might think

  You are arguing with your partner and then it hits you! You know full well it’s their fault, so you let them know. In one way or another you are saying what you are doing right now is making[...]

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Resolving Conflict Within Ourselves – You gotta look carefully, it’s well hidden!

Judgment closes us down and seems final. When someone has judged us, it’s safe to say it was a negative experience. For example, I recently called a colleague as I had thoughts of our relationship not being that friendly. As[...]

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How to Cope With Bullying

Who is the Angel ? When on one of my daughters was 7 years old I volunteered to be her team’s soccer coach. Ahem. I then learned to play soccer, the rules and learned to kick a ball. Beautiful crisp[...]

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How to deal with stressful conversations without giving in or shutting down

If you’re intent on getting people to do what you want you may experience the resistance that naturally occurs when we try to force an outcome. If you start with creating a quality of connection with no other agenda, both people[...]

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How to Talk to Someone Who is Angry

How similar the business world is now to the relationship world. This really hit me last week at a Mark Bouris seminar.Just a few years ago we were keeping home and work problems completely separate by saying things like leave[...]

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Instant Reset After An Argument

An instant reset after an argument You’ve just had an argument with your significant other and you want to smooth things over.Why not get a little help from your fragrance friends. I spray this Bush Flower Essence onto the back of[...]

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How to Resolve an Argument

And feel better quickly The path of least resistance I’ve been experimenting with this a lot lately. As a woman I find myself wanting to say “it’s not what happened, it’s the principal of it that matters”. And then I[...]

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Do you stay quiet to keep the peace?

Do you sometimes go along with things just to keep the peace? I used to think if I said what was on my mind it would end up in a discussion that would eventually blow up in my face. It[...]

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Daily Self Care- Put yourself first by knowing your values

Daily Self Care- Put yourself first by knowing your values Your mind is a muscle. Relationships are tricky. The relationship you have with yourself needs to come first as it constantly  shows you the things that are important to you[...]

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