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The way we choose to use our words can improve relationships and the neural functioning of the brain which regulates physical and emotional stress. Each word we use is saturated with personal meanings. Taking care with our honest expression, we can achieve our goals and bring our dreams to fruition.


If you would like practical and logical support combining mindset and effective skills to articulate what’s really going on for you in a way you are proud of afterwards. Or if you would like to develop more choice with your responses when challenged by others who appear to have more power…you now have the chance. Call me to find out more or place your details below and I will send you a free taster of how it works.

We offer workshops, private coaching, mediation/supported conversations and restorative circles to encourage understanding of ourselves and others. Resolving disputes in ways that foster improved communication, cooperation and trust in the moment and when dealing with future issues; creating a win-win. Some of the benefits are deep, long lasting relationships at work and at home, avoiding costly litigation and high staff turnover.


What’s it costing you to avoid those conversations?

What’s it costing you to have the same conversations the same arguments and keep going in circles not finding harmony with common ground and understanding? Resolution can seem impossible.

Are these conversation patterns costing you your relationships with your kids?

Friendships?       Money?     Time?        Energy?       Health?     Potential promotion?   Creativity?


Two of the most critical leadership skills are truth-telling and genuineness.  If we look at someone and they are anxious, the brain decides to see “untrustworthy”. Therefore being relaxed in our difficult conversations is imperative.


Number 1 JOB SKILL

Whats the crucial career strength the employers are seeking even though nobody is talking about it?


This book will show you everything you need to know to resolve and prevent conflict


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‘Nonviolent Communication is  instrumental in creating an extraordinary quality of life. This compassionate and inspiring message cuts right to the heart of successful communication’

img-thingTony Robbins

Communication patterns are shaped by belief systems that are perpetuated through language.

img-thingGlyn Conlon